How a single parent can manage a teen driver’s insurance


The teenage years are a strange time for anyone; we’ve all experienced them. Teenagers are like kids inhabiting bodies of adults. There is no greater feeling for a teenager than when he gets his first car. The car, for a teenager signifies independence. But as the parent of such a teenager, it is necessary to also provide your teenager with adequate insurance, at least the minimum requirement put forth by the law. 

Why is teen insurance necessary? 

Teenagers are the reason for the most number of car accidents; this is primarily due to their inexperience. They have a higher tendency to speed and also to over-correct, which can be a lethal combination. Because of this, teenagers are very costly to cover when it comes to their auto insurance. For a parent who is divorced, this can prove to be a big challenge. But just because it is a challenge, do not shirk your responsibility. The law must be followed and it is the way it is solely for your teenager’s good. 

A single parent then might wonder whether it should be the ex-spouse who pays for the teen’s auto insurance. The answer differs from one company to another. Check with different companies about their policies towards the situation. 

How can a single parent handle the cost of insuring a teen driver? 

Some auto insurance companies hold that the person having custody of the teenager must bear the price of his auto insurance. Some other companies hold that the parent who has more custody of the teenager is liable to pay for his insurance premiums. Yet some other companies maintain that both parents, irrespective of whether together or divorced, are supposed to have their teenager on their insurance policy.

In some cases, people have withheld from the auto insurance company the fact that the driver on their insurance policy is a teenager. If any such important and valuable information is withheld from the auto insurance company, the company by law is entitled to cancel the policy. Always ask your insurance company before making any decisions. 

How to reduce the cost on your teen’s insurance: 

Around 50- 100 % is added to a parent’s premium on adding a teen driver, but this amount can be greatly brought down with the help of various discounts that can be availed of. A lot of information on discounts that teen drivers can avail of is offered by the internet. If your insurance company doesn’t seem to offer the discounts, don’t be shy to ask for it. Also, having safety features installed in your teenager’s car can also greatly bring down the price of his premium. These could include GPS, an anti theft system, etc. The idea is to make your teenager’s car as safe as possible. This will make it a low risk vehicle in the eyes of the insurer, thus automatically obtaining a lower premium rate. 

Make your teenager take driving lessons from a recognized school and also a course in defensive driving; these will ensure the fact that your teenager will become a safe driver, and also will also attract a lower premium rate. Encourage the teenage to resist the urge to speed; speeding usually occurs in the company of friends. The car that is purchased for your teenager must not be a flashy sports car, but instead something that is sturdy and safe at the same time.