High risk auto insurance policies


Auto insurance rates are never going to be the same for any two individuals. Each driver is unique and it is going to be obviously different for each one. And unfortunately for some, they end up being categorized as high risk individuals.

Who are high risk individuals?

There are a number of classes of people who fall under the high risk category. We shall discuss each category in detail and then end the discussion with suggestions as to how to prevent oneself from being branded as high risk.

Young drivers

Teenage drivers or drivers who are below the age of 25 will automatically be branded as high risk individuals. There are a number of reasons for this and the most important one is that the highest percentage of accidents is caused by teens in America.

It is also assumed that the lack of practice and experience can reduce the ability to react to emergency situations. You can help your child by enrolling him or her in a defensive driving class. This will not only help them learn to drive better, it will convince the insurance companies that they are serious about safe driving. A show of good grades is also proof that one is serious and committed to safe driving. A student who studies well and maintains good grades is serious about his or her future. It is assumed that he or she will show the same seriousness when it comes to driving safely and responsibly.

Senior drivers

Drivers over the age of 65 also are categorized as high risk individuals. This is because it is considered that they may not have good neuro-motor coordination at their age. Their reflexes may be impaired due to various ailments. The only way to prevent being marked as a high risk individual at an old age is to get frequent medical check ups and prove to the insurance company that you are fit and fine.

Drivers with citations

If you have a lot of tickets due to various traffic infractions that you have committed, then you are in trouble. This is because the insurance company feels that you are prone to commit mistakes and hence are at a greater risk of meeting with an accident. The best way to prevent this is to drive safe and keep a clean record. The insurance company will only look at your recent record. Hence it is important that you at least maintain a good record for a year or two. The results will automatically show up and within a couple of months your auto insurance rates will go down.

DUI drivers

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a major offense. If you are caught even once, your name will go on the register of the DMV or department of motor vehicles. Statistics show that a person who has driven under the influence of alcohol once is prone to do it again. Even narcotics abuse is a serious offense. If caught once, you need to do a lot of good work to prove that you have turned a leaf to become a better person.

Type of car driven

The type of car that one drives will also decide your auto insurance rates. If you own a sports car or a classic car you will end up spending more on your insurance. A sports car is considered to be high risk because it is made for speed and it is naturally assumed that the driver will push it to its limits. A classic car is also considered a high risk proposition by the insurance company because it is very expensive to maintain and one cannot predict when and where it will break down.