Getting auto insurance without a driver’s license


This particular question might seem superfluous to most that are not aware about the reasons for such a need. Anyone should know that one cannot operate an automobile without a valid driver’s license. But there are certain situations due to which one may need auto insurance without having a valid driver’s license. We shall first explain each of these situations and then explore how to get such a policy.

In cases where your license is suspended

If you have been driving around without auto insurance for a number of years and then end up being caught by the police, your license can be suspended. It is illegal to operate a vehicle without an auto insurance policy in all the states of the United States of America. However, the limits and requirements are different in different states of the country. You will not only need to have a policy, you will also be required to have adequate coverage as stipulated by your state. In such cases as described above, you will have to apply for a policy without a valid driver’s license. Your license will be reinstated only on furnishing the new insurance policy.

If you are migrating into the country

If you have just entered the United States of America and intend to operate a vehicle, you will need insurance. You might have an international driving permit that is issued by most countries. This driving permit is valid for a period of 1 year after you enter the country. Though such a license is not technically a state license, you can drive for this one year without legal problems. In other cases, you might have a license from your home country which will also be accepted by most states. In both these situations, you will need to apply for auto insurance for your vehicle as soon as you start driving.

If you are a young driver

If you are a teenager who is learning how to drive and is of legal driving age, you will need auto insurance for the vehicle. The insurance companies will calculate the risk for the vehicle based on all members in the family who are of driving age irrespective of whether or not they have a valid driving license.

Now that we know what the situations are, in which you would require insurance without a valid driving license, the next question is how to get it.

There are a few companies which offer insurance coverage for people with such a predicament. The onus is upon you to find the right company to do you bidding. The best place to start your search is to go online. If there are not many leads there, you can approach your previous insurance company for recommendations. If you have a foreign license, in most cases the insurance company will consider that to be a valid license. And in cases where you do not have a license, there will be a clause that you will need to get one within a stipulated time period. Make sure that you follow the clause properly in order to avoid termination of your policy. This will result in your license being suspended again!

And lastly, driving without a license is illegal and is an offense which can lead to jail time. Obtain a valid license as soon as possible.