Five Things Every Car Owner Should Know Before Filing an Auto Insurance Claim


Filing a vehicle accident claim can be confusing for most people since they are not aware of the insurance company’s claim requirements. Before filing an auto insurance claim the car owner should know a few things so that his claim is accepted. The following paragraphs will elaborate on 10 such things that will help your file a successful auto insurance claim. 

Whose Car Did I Hit? 

In order to file a successful auto insurance claim you should known whose car you hit and you should get information like his name, address and insurance information. You should also get information like their date of birth, driving license number, phone number and agent name if applicable. You should make it a point to find out if the police were called. If the police wasn’t called then you should call the police since a police report is required by most insurance companies to file a claim. 

What Kind of Vehicle Did I Hit? 

You should also get information related to the vehicle you have hit. Some of the information you should get includes the vehicle type, the vehicle model, the vehicle VIN number and the vehicles license plate number. You should also note down the condition of the vehicle after the accident and you should inform your insurance company of the state of the vehicle when you call them. 

How Many Passengers Were in The Other Car? 

While you are at the scene of the accident you should find out how many passengers were in the other car and if the passengers were hurt. After calling 911 or a doctor you should make a note of the extent of their injury and if they are protected by insurance. This will help you understand if you are liable for damages. 

Were There Any Witnesses? 

In order to file a successful auto insurance claim you will need to get the statement of a witness. While you are at the accident scene you should find a witness who can back up your true story and you should also exchange personal details with the witness. You should find out what the witness saw, his contact details and you should give him your contact details. You should never opt for a witness who asks for money since such witnesses are most likely going to scam you. 

Where Did the Accident Occur and Whose Fault Was It? 

You should note down the exact location the accident occurred and you should also try to find out how the accident occurred. If the other person is angry or he is refusing to answer your questions then you should not try to sort this question out with him. Instead you should contact your insurance company and give them all the details. You should also mention if the other person was extremely angry, un co operative or if you feel that it was the other person’s fault. You should refrain from blaming the other person but you should let the auto insurance company know what happened. If you feel that the other person purposely hit you then you should not fight with the other person. Instead you exchange the required details but you should let the insurance company know your concerns.