Five Simple Steps to file a Successful Auto Insurance Claim


In order to get the benefits of auto insurance it is important for the vehicle owner to file a successful auto insurance claim. There are various steps to filing a vehicle claim and following these steps is easy provided you know what to do. This article will help you understand the various steps of filing an auto insurance claim.

Call 911 or the Police at the Accident Scene

If someone is seriously injured then you will need to call 911 but if you or the other party has some minor injuries then you can call a hospital instead. After dealing with injuries you will need to call the police and get a report from them. The police’s report is needed by the insurance company to file an auto insurance claim.

Exchange Details and Find a Witness

You will need to follow the set protocol and you will need to get contact details and insurance details of the other person. You will also need to find a witness who can verify your true story. Finding a witness is very important since the insurance company will verify the story with the witness. You will also need to get the contact details of the witness do that your insurance company can get in touch with him or her. If the other person asks for money then you should refuse to give money and you should alert your insurance company.

Contact Your Insurer Immediately

You will need to contact your insurance company immediately and let them know of what has happened. You will need to give details of the accident and any other details that are relevant. Since some insurance companies require the applicant to file the auto insurance claim within 24 hours of the accident, it is recommended to contact your insurer the same day.

Wait For Your Insurer to Get in Touch With You

Your insurer will call you shortly after you have spoke to them and ask you what happened. If you haven’t already given the details then you will need to give all the details now. It is always advised to make a note of what has happened before giving the details so that you do not miss out on any major things. In case the other party is at fault you should inform your insurer of your thoughts and explain the conversation between you and the other party in detail to the insurance company. It is important to make sure that you have got all the details right since improper details can make you liable for a law suit.

Wait For the Adjuster to Evaluate the Damage

The adjuster will be sent from the insurance company before your auto insurance claim is accepted. The adjuster will evaluate the damage and depending on the damage he will either ask you to get your car repaired at an authorized body shop or he will get your car taken away. If your car is seriously damaged then your car will be taken away and you will be given the actual cost of your car. Depending on the policy you have opted for you may be asked to get the car repaired yourself after a check has been given to you for the estimated amount. If you feel that the amount given to you is not adequate then you will need to file a dispute with the insurance company.