Five Important Auto Insurance Tips


There are many factors that affect the amount of auto insurance you pay and while some of these factors are uncontrollable some of them can be controlled by you. The following paragraphs will elaborate on five important auto insurance tips that can help every vehicle owner. 

Opt for Liabilities 

Liabilities are mandatory in certain states since this auto insurance covers are very helpful. If liabilities are not mandatory in your state then you should not dismiss them since they are important none the less. Some of the important liabilities that every car owner should have include bodily injury liability, property damage liability and the underinsured motorist liability. 

The first liability that is bodily injury liability protects your interests when a third party is injured while you are in an accident. This cover pays for medical help for the third party, lost wages for the third party and legal help for you after an accident occurs. Property damage liability protects you legally after an accident and it pays for any damage to the other person’s property. Underinsured motorist also known as uninsured motorist liability protects you when a motorist strikes you and doesn’t have adequate cover or doesn’t have insurance all together. This liability protects you while you are in your car or while you are on foot. 

Minimize your Risks 

Drinking and driving can not only get you a ticket but it can also make you liable to pay for your own damages. Some auto insurance companies do not pay out when the car driver has been drinking and driving. While driving you should not talk on the cell phone and you should not text since these activities can cause you to get into an accident. If you need to talk on the cell phone then you should use the hands free services if it is allowed. 

Be Safe 

Auto insurance companies do not pay for damages that occur if your friend has borrowed your car. If the person who is borrowing your car is on your policy then the insurance company will pay up but if you have allowed someone who is not on your policy to borrow your car then you will not be eligible to file for an insurance claim. 

Pay Your Bills

Your credit score most definitely affects the amount of premium you pay to vehicle insurance companies. By paying your bills on time your credit score will be good which will in turn ensure that you get a low quote on vehicle insurance. If you have a lot of debts or unpaid bills then you should consider settling your dues. It is important to remember that filing for personal bankruptcy can cause your insurance policy to be cancelled. 

Get a Discount

Depending on your age you can get a discount for opting for driving classes. People under the age of 21 and people above the age of 55 are eligible for a vehicle insurance discount if they enroll for driving classes. If you are newly married then by combining vehicle insurance policies you may be eligible for a discount. By insuring all your vehicles from one insurance company you will be eligible for a discount. Another way to get a discount is to insure your house and all your cars from the same insurance company if possible.