Do I need to get my teen auto insurance?


Many people wonder if they need to buy their teen’s auto insurance. Truth be told most people who have a teen in the household who holds a license don’t understand how their insurance policy works. The law states that regardless of usage pattern and amount of usage every individual who drives is mandated to have auto insurance. Many people believe that since their teen doesn’t drive the vehicle that often they needn’t buy them auto insurance. 

The law states that insurance for any driver is mandatory 

As stated by the state governments of all the states insurance is required for any driver. Your teen might only drive 10 miles each year but he is still liable to own auto insurance with adequate cover. Many teens and their parents who are in far away colleges and universities don’t deem it fit to buy auto insurance for the teen as they barely drive; with the current state of ever increasing vehicles on our roads and the inflow of high powered vehicles the chances of an accident are as high as they ever were, which puts your teenage driver at the risk of meeting with an accident. As per state laws every risk on the road involves a certain factor of risk to other motorists and pedestrians and assurance has to be present that the driver is in a position to provide financial cover to those at loss. 

Auto insurance for teenagers 

There are two options that you can avail when insuring your teen: 

A separate insurance policy 

A separate insurance policy is mighty useful in a case where the teen drives a lot and has his or her own motor vehicle. Teens who stay a considerable distance away from home for studies at a far off colleges or universities are generally recommended to take separate insurance policies. The insurance policy is not unlike a general auto insurance policy to take out. 

Teens with good grades, teens that drive a limited amount, and teens who are studying away from home all qualify for discounts on their premium if they can provide evidence of their compliance to the limits to the insurance company. 

The premium for student drivers tends to be higher due to their higher likelihood to be involved in an accident and their lack of driving experience. 

A combined insurance policy

A combined auto insurance policy is generally taken by teens who drive comparatively less and live with their parents or guardians. This policy is preferred by teens who live at home and don’t have their own vehicle. 

It’s quite a simple procedure to add a teen onto one of the parents’ policies; one call to the insurance company will have them add the teen to your policy. 

Teens who do well in studies are statistically less likely to meet with an accident and along with teens who drive a very little and cover less miles than stipulated by the auto insurance policy can qualify for discounts on your policy which acts as an added benefit. 

Don’t be oblivious to the fact that since teens attract a higher insurance policy your premium is very likely to go up too. 

A popular way to deal with the higher cost is to request quotes for a separate insurance policy and a combined insurance policy, compare the two and then pick the cheaper option.