Car Insurance Debate: Women are Better Drivers than Men?


Many an auto insurance company actually believes that women are safer and more responsible drivers than men. Such companies consider women as better insurance risk and can therefore benefit from lower insurance premiums.

However, it is also true that there are a lot more factors that affect insurance premiums other than gender. In fact, being a male or a female per se does make higher or lower premiums. It is actually their tendencies as a driver.

There are some contributing factors that might pose a greater accident risk for males, according auto insurance specialists. One is overconfidence of male drivers. This is why they often do showing off while driving in the road. Some men do not recognize safety precautions of driving because of high self-belief.

Male drivers were also found out to do excessive speeding than women. It is maybe due to their attitudes as active and aggressive. Most of them are involved in road rage and accidents, making them vulnerable to accidents.

They also go more for late night driving with their friends. After parting, they go home drunk while driving.

On the other hand, what are the reasons women get better chances of low cost car insurance than men? It is believed that women drive shorter distances. As they drive, they see to it that their workplace or the store where they will buy groceries that are as near as possible to their home.

They also posed lower risks because of driving at lower speed. They like to maintain composure while driving. There are reports saying that there is less road rage with women getting involved.

Aside from driving to work, women also deal with the responsibility of bringing children in urban areas. They see to it that they follow road etiquettes to avoid accidents and damage.

Women get cheaper auto insurance coverage because they are found out to be driving less at night. Most of them do not tolerate being drunk while driving. Although there are a lot of working moms today, women have already practiced driving away from rush hour and dangerous areas.

With the comparison of the two genders above, is there possibility of being a better driver? Men are said to be less likely to cause a fender –bender accident. It is said women attend to putting up make-up or hair in the mirror while driving.
But for now, the question remains unanswered. Only if the driving conditions and driving requirements upon women and men were exactly the same would be able to establish an answer resembling something such as a “better driver”.
Having an affordable insurance is still the main goal of men and women for their car and property. But still, being safer and more responsible of women drivers allow them to get lower premiums.

The fact is that men can also get low cost car insurance, only if they prove to have driving records that is comparable to an average woman driver, that is, clean and spotless. In addition, female drivers can also have high insurance premiums when they have bad driving records. In this case, being a less risky driver still proves to be the main factor in having high or low premiums to pay.