Avail affordable car insurance for students and teenagers


Students and teenagers are considered to belong to the high-risk group and shopping for affordable car insurance is a bit tricky. Hence, it is important to shop around and carry out some research in order to get some of the best deals. Students are considered high-risk because they are known for their reckless driving and because they don’t have a driving record as such. So, insurers don’t have anything to fall back on. Since most of them would have just started driving, there is no way to check their driving record. Apart from that, students and teenagers are also a distracted lot. They are found texting messages or talking on the cell phone while driving etc. Teenagers between the ages of 17 and 21 are known to cause accidents, and most of them are fatal. Due to all these risk factors, insurance companies generally hike up the premium rates.

Even those who offer insurance for high-risk individuals generally charge hefty premiums. However, there are ways in which students and teenagers can avoid paying these hefty sums. There are a few tips that students have to follow in order to get some of the best deals. Insurance policies can be customized to suit your requirement. So, you could ideally take a look at the factors which will make your premiums go up. It may be possible to change a few things that may be in your control, but there may be some things beyond our control and they cannot be changed – a person’s age for example.

Teenagers love flashy cars and especially the sports models. Insuring flashy sports cars generally cost a lot of money and can leave a big hole in the pocket. Hence, parents should think twice before purchasing these cars for their teenaged kids. The cost of insuring these cars are generally high because these cars are known for their high speeds. Apart from that, even the parts of these sports cars are very expensive. So, avoid these cars and opt for a make and model that is not expensive to insure.

Installing safety features such as anti-theft devices, anti-lock braking systems, air bags, seat belts, etc., can help in bringing down the premium rates to a very large extent. The location, age, gender, and many other factors are taken into consideration while underwriting policies.

Getting better grades can also help in bringing down the premium rates. Students who even get a ‘B’ grade can expect to get a cheaper insurance policy as insurance providers consider this responsible behavior and like to reward students for the same. Taking certified driving classes will not only help in bringing down the car insurance rates, but it will also ensure safety of fellow motorists on the roads and highways.

Insuring more than one vehicle with the same insurer can help in getting rebates. So, ensure that you speak with the insurance agent and check out ways in which you can bring down the premiums. Shop online and obtain free quotes and compare quotes before purchasing your policy.