Auto Insurance Rates Vary In Alaska


Auto insurance is an important aspect of owning a vehicle in Alaska. Any person having an automobile has to invest a certain amount in purchasing this financial liability. While there are certain requirements which are mandatory as per the law governing the state, an individual can also opt for higher benefits if they are feasible and within the set budget of the person.

There are many factors that affect the auto insurance rates in Alaska. Understanding the factors that have a strong bearing on the insurance rates will help you be prepared for what you will have to shell out when you go out to buy the insurance policy. You will also be able to know where you can make adjustments in order to pay lower insurance rates.


The gender of the person opting for the auto insurance coverage plays a significant role in determining the rate of the coverage. As per statistic records, female drivers are considered to be safer drivers as compared to their male counterparts. Hence, the amount they will have to pay for the policy will be much lesser than that for men.

Age of the individual

Individuals who are below the age of 25 are more susceptible to accidents as compared to the people who are above this age limit. People who are considered the safest are the ones in the age bracket of 50 to 65 years. Hence, the auto insurance rates for these people will be very less as compared to the youngsters.

Demographics of the place

A person who stays in an area that is scarcely populated area in Alaska will definitely pay lower insurance rates as compared to the person who is staying in the heart of the city where the chances of an accident occurring are very high. There are certain sections of the state that are more prone to theft than the other areas. People living in such neighborhoods will have to cough up more money for their car insurance premium.

Credit History of the individual

In Alaska, the person with a poor credit score is considered to be a bigger liability to the auto insurance company as compared to the person who has a good credit rating. Therefore, the insurance companies charge individuals with a poor rating a higher premium.

Accident history

The person with a good driving history in Alaska is given high prominence by the insurance companies. They can be rest assured that the person will not be prone to accidents and hence they will not have any financial liabilities from his end. Therefore, the Alaskan auto insurance companies will offer them a reduced premium for a better coverage.

Type of car

In Alaska, the type of car you are getting insurance for is also given prominence. If your car has all the modern amenities and special features in it, you are bound to get a lower auto insurance rate; on the other hand, if your car just has the bare minimum features, then be prepared to pay through your nose for the coverage.

A great way to get the best deals on your auto insurance coverage is to shop around and collect as many free quotes as possible and compare them. You can choose the most economical one that gives you many features.