Auto insurance protection against theft


The second biggest investment a person is likely to make after the purchase of their house is a car. Most people today are taking after the Japanese philosophy that you cant drive your house around, nor can you boast to anyone how big your house it; but you can certainly look cool in a good car! Possibly the worst thing that can happen to any car owner is vehicle theft. Thousands of vehicles are stolen everyday and many of them are resold after their chassis and engine numbers have been replaced by fake numbers. 

Crooked second hand car dealerships pay thieves small amounts like a few hundred to a thousand dollars to steal a car and sell it to them; these thieves patrol the streets and look out for an easy target, once the target is found they observe the person for a few days and learn his or her whereabouts and regular stops. It barely takes the thief any time to break into and make away with your prized possession. Many stolen vehicles are simply broken down and disassembled and sold at a spare part value, that is to say their spare parts are put up for sale in the second hand market. 

A few tips to keep your vehicle safe 

The first and foremost tip is to never leave your car idling in the drive way while you grab a cup of coffee. Many Americans are in the habit of starting their car to warm up, leaving the engine running and going back inside the house to fetch a cup of coffee or the newspaper before heading out to work. This practice is as good as handing over the keys of your vehicle to the thief; in fact it just might make things easier for him seeing that you have warmed up the engine for him too! 

Never rely on company fitted safety equipment, period. Company fitted safety equipment is beneficial but not that reliable; company fitted safety equipment is mass produced and fitted. Auto insurance companies tend to pay more attention to the safety features in the vehicle as compared to the anti theft features; they are more likely to undergo a lawsuit for inadequate safety features like airbags as compared to anti theft features. 

Get additional anti theft equipment installed. Yes, aftermarket anti theft equipment is surely a costly affair, but it costs a fraction of hat your vehicle does. Get equipment from a genuine and reputed manufacturer and always get it fitted by a registered workshop. Makeshift and unregistered workshops are responsible for more auto thefts than most drivers’ suspect. They know the vehicle; know where which anti theft equipment is installed and how to uninstall or deactivate it. 

Older cars need anti theft equipment too; just because your car is outdated and looks less enticing than that red sportster your neighbor has it doesn’t mean the likelihood of it being stolen is any less. The most stolen car of all time is not a popular sports car or a hot rod, it’s the humble 1995 Honda Civic! Never take the safety of your vehicle for granted. 

We have saved the best advice for last, Get comprehensive cover. Comprehensive cover is insurance that can and will protect you in the event of your vehicle being stolen. While you will have to deal with the emotional loss of your vehicle, the auto insurance company will take the financial burden off your shoulders.