Auto insurance for teenagers


Teenagers have a hard time getting low cost auto insurance in this country. This is due to a number of factors. And the number one factor is that statistics show teenagers to be the highest cause for car accidents in the country. And no amount of whining is going to change hard statistics; hence it is better to work around the problem.

Now that we already established the fact that teenagers cause a majority of the traffic accidents, we shall analyze why this is so. The most obvious reason is that they lack experience. Driving is something that needs impulse or instinctive reactions to a situation. No amount of practical training will be sufficient to replace years of experience. Hence it is important to get as many miles behind the wheel as possible.

Another cause is that teenagers are known to be irritable and are prone to mood swings. Such a state of mind behind the wheel is not a good idea. It can lead to a lack of concentration and hence a fatal accident also. And a lack of patience can result in problems like over speeding or even running a light. All these are serious traffic infractions and if discovered you can be heavily penalized. It is important to maintain a good record when you start driving. Your first few years will decide what your future auto insurance premium is going to be. Hence it is of utmost importance that you start building your driving history from day one.

And as parents, it is important to teach our kids by example. Try not to swear or show other signs of irritation while on the road with your kids. This will only make them feel that aggression is normal on the road. And an aggressive driver is always a bad driver. Road rage is the number one cause of all traffic accidents. You must ensure that you do not practice this not only for the sake of your kids, but for your own safety and security. And with the free for all gun laws in our country, it will not be long before someone gets shot in the bargain. Show your kids that patience is a virtue that has to be learnt and respected. And in this day and age of fast food and speed dating, it is going to be an uphill task!

Try to get your child enrolled in a defensive driving class. This will help convince the auto insurance company that you are serious about safe driving. But apart from this, it will also teach the kid to drive safe. Defensive driving is all about anticipating an outcome before taking an action. It will make the kid think while he or she drives. This is very important because once you get them thinking, their concentration levels peak.

You must also enforce your no drinking and driving policies. It is unlawful for individuals below the age of 21 to buy alcohol in this country. If your child is older than this, he or she has most probably moved out and is no longer under your insurance umbrella. But if not, make sure you advice them about the dangers of this practice. And the best way to drive home the point is to make them share the penalty whenever they are caught for any traffic infraction.