Auto insurance for senior drivers


The times are changing, and many senior citizens are far more self reliant than they have ever been. They prefer to have their own vehicles, and the freedom to drive to wherever they wish to go at whatever time. However, the sad truth is that a majority of fatal road accidents are caused by seniors. This is caused by various factors which include degradation of eyesight and reflex actions and weakening of driving skills which are the main causes.

Due to this situation, automobile insurance companies view insuring senior citizens vehicles’ as the highest risk group to ensure, this leads to them paying the highest premiums on their policies.

Senior citizens need to be very cautious on the road, and ensure they maintain a defensive demeanor whilst driving. They key point is to stay attentive, the highest number of accidents happen at intersections, were there is an influx of traffic from all directions; second to only accidents when changing lanes.

Many senior citizens overlook the maintenance of their vehicle; a set of good tires is a must. The times when most senior citizens learnt to drive were different times, with slower cars, and much lower volumes of traffic. Times have changed, and today we have much faster cars, and a torrent of new cars hitting the road everyday.

Driving way below the speed limit is as dangerous as driving way above it. Most motor vehicles stick to about the speed limit, and anyone who varies, is prone to get into an accident. This is especially important on free ways, where everyone else on the road is going to drive at the described speed limit. It’s best to keep to the right, and keep pace with the cars alongside you. Think of cars as pack animals, an animal that strays, is more susceptible to an accident, mostly due to other drivers’ road rage.

The DMV prescribes a few tips for senior citizens at the wheel. Using a cushion to elevate your sitting posture can help you see much further ahead than you normally would. This gives the driver a better indication of what’s happening on the road, and also more time to react in the event of a possible collision.

You should at any given point in time be able to see at least 10 feet ahead whilst driving, thus giving yourself enough time to react, and hit the brakes for a kid crossing the road, or a biker trying to overtake. This simple method also helps reduce the blinding effect of headlight glare which is a major problem while driving at night.

Always keep your car up to date, the aforementioned set of tires with a good tread, seat belts, and even air bags and ABS if your car permits their installation. Many of the newer vehicles today have additional air bags, on the sides, and even to protect the head in case of a collision. Newly developed electronic sensors make accident victims much better prepared. Safety features do not decrease the chances of an accident directly; however they do decrease the chances of injury quite drastically.

Senior citizens should definitely take the time to get these installed; an accidental injury at your age could prove fatal. Another benefit of such safety equipment is a reduced insurance premium; so not only are you better protected, you also end up with a decent saving on your outgoings.