All you need to know about auto insurance for motorcycles


Motorcycles like all other motor vehicles require auto insurance and failure to have sufficient insurance can lead to heavy fines and suspension and cancellation of documents such as your driver’s license and registration of your vehicle. Besides this obvious downside you will also be required to pay for all damages in any accident where you are found to be fault. Your payout can and most probably will include medical bills for you and the other party, any associated losses such as lost wages. You will also be required for any property damage to you vehicle, the other parties vehicle and any other damage that might be caused. 

Motorcycle auto insurance 

Motorcycle auto insurance is very often considered the same as auto insurance you buy for a car; the purpose and way of functioning may be the same however there are various differences you need to make a note of.

Motorcycle riders are mostly susceptible to bodily injury and thus make it imperative to have adequate bodily harm cover. Motorcycle riders unlike people who drive cars don’t have the safety guarantee of being enclosed in a sort of a metal cage from all sides, the metal cage of the vehicle acts as a buffer and absorbs most of the trauma thus shielding the vehicle owner from a majority of the damage. 

Get lower premiums on your motorcycle auto insurance 

There are always ways to save on premiums for people who are ready to look for them. A completion and graduation of a course from the MSF – Motorcycle Safety Foundation can get you a discount with all the insurance companies out there. They all have a clause which provides a hefty discount to graduates of the MSF course. The discounts don’t kick in immediately and this is unfortunate however still beneficial; generally the discounts kick in three years after completion of the course and can help you save a considerable amount of money in the years to come. 

The same rule that applies to cars applies to motorcycles; the more expensive and high powered the motorcycle the higher the auto insurance premium. A low powered motorcycle that is mean for commuting will attract a lower premium such as a high powered sports bike or a cross country touring machine. 

Members of biker clubs and motorcycle clubs can also avail of discounts for bulk policies, a few clubs that have agreements with auto insurance companies are the American Motorcycle Association, Harley owners group, and BMW motorcycle owners of America to name a few. 

If you have been in the habit of paying your bills and monthly payments on time you can also avail a discount. Statistics show and prove that people who pay bills on time are more responsible and this responsibility travels along with the rider and becomes evident on the road where they are less likely to risk a limb or their life by giving in to the need for speed or rash and reckless driving. Some insurance companies can provide you with discounts up to fifty percent; so by just being a responsible citizen and paying your bills on half you can qualify for what’s known as a good financial responsibility score and save half of your insurance premium. 

Ride safe 

Always wear protective riding suits when driving, a good armored suit is not that expensive and can protect all your vital organs in the event of an accident.