All you have to know about sports car insurance


Auto insurance these days is undergoing a revolution of sorts. People are realizing that having a single policy for all types of cars is not going to be cost worthy or efficient. Hence the need for a tailor made sports car insurance policy.

So what are the salient features of sports car insurance?

Sports car insurance is procured to cover cars which are classified under the sports car category. We shall now try and get an idea as to what exactly entails being in this category.

Sports cars are characterized by a large engine displacement. This is true for all sports cars. But it is also true for a few SUV’s and other large sedans. In fact a lot of cross over sedans are now comparable if not better than high performance sports cars. Sports cars are also characterized by a high top speed and acceleration capability. And not many sedans can actually beat a top notch sports car in a head to head race.

So how can one actually classify his or her car as a sports car?

It is important to note that you need not actually get sports car insurance for your sports car. You can very well drive it around with a conventional insurance policy. But the only problem that you will face is that you might end up spending a lot more on your insurance policy than what you should actually be spending.

When you own a sports car you will most probably not be using it on a daily basis. This means that the car is not going to be on the road as much as a conventional car. You are going to be using it only for recreational purposes or for special occasions. At least that is the case with most high performance sports cars like a bugatti veyron, lambhorgini Gallardo or Ferrari enzo. But if you own a more road going version of a sports car like a Porsche boxster, then you can go ahead and get yourself a normal insurance policy.

The insurance company is going to try and increase your premium for a couple of reasons, the first being that you own a high performance road car. They will argue that since the car has a capability of going at a high speed, you will take it to its limits. And that line of thought will lead to the conclusion that high speed travel can result in more serious accidents. Now it will be to your benefit to put up counter arguments stating that though the car may have a high top speed, it does not mean that you are going to max it out. There are rules and limits on the road and you are very well going to follow them. It is here that a good driving record can work in your stead.

And you can also make a point about not driving the car on a regular basis. Your argument can be that the lesser amount of time that the car spends on the road, the lesser the chance of meeting with an accident. the risk factor obviously reduces by a great deal when you don’t drive often. It is important that you negotiate your deal and try to land the best one after thorough investigation.