All about Auto Insurance for Women


Women have generally enjoyed lesser auto insurance rates when compared to men in this country. And it will always be so.

Why do women get to pay lesser premiums?

Though many people consider women to be bad drivers, that is not the case. There might be a lot of jokes about the lack of driving skills among women but the statistics speak otherwise. The department of motor vehicles has historically recorded more percentage of accidents due to the fault of male drivers. And hence the insurance companies consider women drivers to be safer and more responsible.

Now that you know this fact, you must also know that they will give you a lot better deal than a man. Being a woman gives you a huge benefit when looking for a policy. Make sure you use this to your benefit.

When you go shopping for an auto insurance policy, try finding women specific deals. There are a lot of companies that give out auto insurance policies solely for women. These companies are the ones which can cut you the best deal possible. It is important that you shop around and do your research before you zero in on the deal though.

Use the internet to your advantage when doing your research. There are a number of websites that offer free insurance quotes to help you decide which ones to go with. Make sure you do a comparative analysis of the insurance policies available out there. Try to analyze which company will give you the most for your moneys worth. Once you have shortlisted a few companies, the next step is to call them up.

When you call them, try not to allow them to steer the conversation. Get as much information as you can get by asking the questions that you want answers to. It is the common technique followed by most salesmen to throw you off the track. But you must ensure that you have a list of the questions that you intend to ask and get the answers for them.

Once you do this, the next step is to fix an appointment. When you meet the agent, try to convince him that you are a safe and reliable driver. Show as much proof as you can to this affect. You could show a good driving history. You could let him know that your office is close to your house and you will not be on the road for long. If you are a stay at home mom, you can mention this. This will definitely cut a huge amount off your premium. This is because you will not be expected to drive as much as a person who is working and has to commute on a daily basis to and from office. You can also show that you have enrolled in a defensive driving class. This will not only improve your driving skills, it will also help you convince the insurance company that you are serious about driving safely and responsibly. All you have to do is ensure them that your chances of meeting with an accident are as low as possible.

Then lastly, a lot of female drivers would like to add males to their policy. This can be done and is in fact a very good idea. But do find out in what way it will affect your policy, because a few insurance companies will charge a lot to do this.