A glimpse into auto insurance for motorcycles


Motorcycle insurance is a much misunderstood and not understood part of auto insurance which involves the insurance of bodily harm and property damage for a motorcyclist with specific provisions and cover taking into consideration the nature, cost and use of the vehicle. 

Getting the protection you need 

The protection you need has always been an integral part of a good auto insurance policy, and it is more so ever important aspect when it comes to insuring a motorcycle. Most people tend to stint on cover and get the least they can and this proves very costly in the event of an accident. Due to the nature of a motorcycle the driver almost always suffers grave injuries and sometimes even death; this makes cover for bodily injury even more important. Modern motorcycles specifically the Japanese motorcycles have a lot of carbon fiber and expensive gizmos which can cost a pretty penny to repair and replace; gone are the days when people used motorcycles when they could not afford cars. Hence it’s of utmost important to have a very high cover for bodily harm and property damage when insuring a motorcycle. 

Control costs on your motorcycle auto insurance policy 

In today’s market scenario many people spend in excess of $1500 for their motorcycle insurance because they understand how valuable their motorcycle is. Although it’s also worth mentioning that you should not get double cover, which is cover for something you may already have. Most people who are working have a health plan from their employer and the few who don’t have most likely already taken a health plan which covers accidents. In such a scenario a high bodily harm cover in your auto insurance policy doesn’t make financial sense. Regardless of how many companies you have insurance from, you can make only one claim; thus making the other policies redundant. 

No fault insurance

Conventional auto insurance expects you to be accountable for any bodily injury and property damage to both parties if the accident was your fault. If the accident was the other drivers fault you are expected to recover your costs though his or her auto insurance company. No Fault insurance covers your medical bills and any expense due to bodily harm regardless of whose fault it was. No fault auto insurance is commonly known as the opposite of traditional insurance plans. 

Motorcycle insurance companies and the state law in most of the states excludes or provides a clause under which auto insurance companies can deny no fault insurance to motorcycle riders. 

In a traditional insurance plan a young adult who works minimum wage and does no specialty work while not supporting a family or owning a house will pay a lower premium as compared to an older man who has a specialty job, is responsible for a family and pays mortgage bills every month. The reasoning behind this is the losses the youngster will face will be negligible in comparison with the losses than the older man will face. This is exactly the opposite of traditional experience where the older man would get a lower premium because of his experience on the road and his marital status and the youngster would pay a higher premium as he has relatively no experience on the road and this poses a greater chance of being involved in an accident.