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Used Car Insurance Providers – Needles in the Haystack


Lots of people these days buy second-hand cars instead of brand new ones because of the fact that a car decreases in value for up to 30% the moment it leaves a dealership. The moment its tires touch the road, a car becomes used and greatly depreciates. Second-hand vehicles are also just as good, if not better, than brand new cars, in terms of performance and after-sales parts.

Owners also consider getting used car insurance policies to secure their property, except that in this case, looking for providers is an entirely different thing.

The problem is that most used car insurance providers do not advertise or offer their services right on paper or on directories. Although there is a huge business potential in offering coverage for second-hand vehicle owners, there lies a great danger for the company to lose more than it would gain for the simple reason that an old vehicle is not as valuable as a brand new one. Even conventional auto insurers would not even consider offering coverage for a depreciated automobile.

However, just because they are hard to locate does not mean that they are not there. Searching online is a good and innovative way of finding a provider. Moreover, since there are lesser providers, there is a chance that such coverage would cost more. The internet has listings of most used car insurance companies in the United States and the rest of the world.

Referrals are also a good way to find a used car insurance provider. This has the added benefit of client loyalty and good company reputation. Going to lending companies is also a good way of finding such providers because a lot of lenders require clients to procure coverage before they would grant a loan. It is normal for these companies to have a venture with insurers which more or less give you the impression that these companies are reputable and reliable.

One thing to consider, if you cannot find insurers who give coverage for owners like you, why not let them find you? Usually, agents are all over the city looking for prospective clients. Find someone you know who was able to get his second-hand automobile covered and seek a referral. This way, if agents are the ones coming to you, you have a bargaining advantage. You can negotiate for higher discounts and better privileges.

Expect the business of insurance for these cases to improve over the years because of economic trends. Less people are buying new cars everyday, so naturally, someone in the insurance business would notice a need to offer coverage for used automobiles at a competitive price.