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Used Car Insurance – Is It Needed?


Because of insufficient money to buy brand new cars, a new trend these days is the purchase of used cars. Used cars are often bought by people who just need a mode of transport for their daily lives either for work or school. Because they do not have enough money, some of them just ignore getting used car insurance. However, the law requires every driver to have at least the most basic insurance which is liability coverage.

Liability coverage is definitely needed when applying for used car insurance, or else you will be charged fines if you get caught.  It is not too expensive when you try obtaining insurance for a used car due to the low accident rates for these kinds of vehicles or cars. Apart from that, because of your car’s low value, insurers will not worry too much when you encounter an accident. This is related to recent studies which shows that used cars or vehicles tend to cause less damage and injuries if it encounters an accident. So far, getting liability insurance is not that hard isn’t it? Another issue at hand is whether your used car also needs to get collision and comprehensive coverage.

If the car you bought is over one to two years old, then getting the property insurance (which includes collision and comprehensive coverage) would not be a wise decision because it is meant for the repair and replacement of your car. Obviously, these will not be necessary because the cost of your insurance would be higher than that of your car, meaning you will just waste money trying to fix or replace a car which has too small a value.

Because it is not advisable for you to get collision and comprehensive coverage, you should now know how to get the liability coverage for your used car insurance. Below are common, but effective tips you should consider when you get your insurance:

  • Shop around and ask for insurance quotes online.
  • Choose the company that has experience giving insurance to used cars.
  • Ask about offers and deals, but do not get tempted immediately by cheap rates.
  • Impress your insurers by your driving habits, and by installing security features on your car.
  • You may ask about different companies or auto insurance policies from relatives and friends to enrich your knowledge about used car insurance.

If you follow these simple tips, your vehicle will surely get protection even if it is a used car and you will definitely enjoy the ride.