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Used Car Insurance Does Not Mean Second-Hand Coverage


With the prices of basic commodities continuously rising, people these days find that purchasing brand-new cars can be too costly for comfort. An alternative that has become acceptable is to simply buy used cars. Alongside this is the option to settle for used car insurance, since US laws require that all drivers be covered by this most basic of all insurance types. Non-coverage will involve payment of all applicable fines, which should prove to be rather unwise, economically speaking.

A used car insurance basically provides liability coverage only. Yet, this should be sufficient when you realize that unlike other vehicle types, used cars have lower accident rates. As such, insurers are more likely to approve your auto policy application since they know fully well that accidents will hardly occur.

However, keep in mind that when settling for liability coverage, it is always safe to look into the finer points of your protection. Specifically, you need to ensure that the policy has coverage provisions on bodily injuries. This is of particular significance in cases where an accident clearly lies on your hands.

Nevertheless, even when driving a used car, getting possible collision coverage should still be considered. However, before thinking seriously about this option, you need to determine how old the car is. For example, if your auto happens to be three years old when you purchased it, collision coverage may no longer come highly recommended. Collision coverage, which falls under the property insurance type, is intended for repair works in case your car gets involved in a vehicular mishap. Thus, if you applied for collision coverage on your second-hand car, the insurance company will most likely deny the application because the insurance cost involved is higher when compared to the total car value.

Given its limited benefits, you should then make it a major goal to settle only for the best used car insurance package that you can possibly find. Internet browsing these days will always be one good starting point since there are many insurance companies that are available online. With this option, you not only get free quotes, you also have this great opportunity to find out more about the company, its services, its track record, its discount offers, and many more.

Be wary, however, of companies that offer incredibly low rates on their insurance premium, especially when it comes to used car insurance. Even though your vehicle is second-hand, it does not necessarily mean that it is not deserving of first-class insurance coverage.