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The Qualities of an Effective Used Car Insurance Salesman


Used car insurance is not very common and in demand in the market. Only a few people avail of it since most drivers think secondhand cars are not insurable anymore. For one, it is not brand new so its value has significantly decreased since the time it was bought.

It is therefore a challenge for every used car insurance salesman to close a sale. His goal is to make his clients understand that the insurance policy he sells is just as important as new car insurance. However, how does he convince used car owners to get one?

Perhaps a salesman’s best arm is a thorough understanding of the importance of the policy he is selling before suggesting it to his clients. People today are facing difficult times. In their efforts to save and make ends meet, they buy secondhand cars instead. In fact, the sale of used cars has greatly increased in the past few years. Thus, a salesman must be able to explain to his clients that used car insurance will save them a lot of money should their cars figure in an accident.

A salesman will be more effective if he can make customers at ease with him. He should be able to make them feel that there is nothing embarrassing in buying a secondhand car. All car policies are equally important no matter the type of car. This way, customers will not be reluctant to disclose their financial limitations. This kind of openness is a mutual gain for both seller and buyer. A seller is able to close a sale, while a buyer gets the perfect insurance fitted to his budget.

Honesty will always go a long way. Clients appreciate this on a salesman. They will stick to an honest salesman even if he is selling insurance with a slightly higher premium if only for their peace of mind. Hence, if he needs to explain even the fine print of terms, then he would do so.

Selling the most expensive used car insurance policy is tempting because it will give the salesman a higher commission. However, some secondhand cars do not need it, especially if it is not that old yet. It will be better for a salesman to suggest a policy best suited to the needs of clients, rather than trying to sell the most expensive one every time. Satisfied clients are likely to be back to give referrals and this will increase potential sales.

Selling is a business, but if an insurance salesman could build positive relationships with his clients based on trust, dependability and integrity, then he is likely to turn in many sales for his boss.