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  • Used Car Insurance – Is It Needed?

    by Ricky Lawrence

    Because of insufficient money to buy brand new cars, a new trend these days is the purchase of used cars. Used cars are often bought by people who just need a mode of transport for their daily lives either for work or school. Because they do not have enough money, some of them just ignore getting used car insurance. However, the law requires every driver to have at least the most basic insurance which is liability coverage. Liability coverage is … (more) September 27, 2009

  • Saving on Used Car Insurance

    by Ricky Lawrence

    When recession hit the US and the world, the car industry also suffered losses. Some manufacturers even closed shop because they could not recover anymore. This is because most people chose to buy pre-loved vehicles instead of brand new ones. Thus, demand for used car insurance also increased. This kind of product does not differ much from regular auto insurance and is purchased for the purpose of assuring coverage and protection when an accident happens. Used car insurance premiums are … (more) September 27, 2009

  • Do I Still Need to Get Used Car Insurance?

    by Ricky Lawrence

    American drivers on a budget often choose to buy used cars to save on money. In fact, there is a thriving market that caters to budget-oriented motorists. Car dealers and used car shops have sprouted all over the U.S., giving second-hand cars new leases on their lives. These dealers have also allowed first time car owners to experience how it is to select the vehicles that fit their needs and financial abilities. Of course, having a car, whether it is … (more) September 22, 2009

  • Things to Do When Buying Used Car Insurance

    by Ricky Lawrence

    In principle, not much is actually different when it comes to insurance for both new and used cars. The same basic features are offered in both new and used car insurance packages.What will differ, however, would be the small details outlining the packages themselves. But when it comes to primary purpose, both kinds of policies still aim to avoid liability in the unfortunate case of a vehicular accident. This would mean liability in terms of injuries and damages incurred to … (more) September 13, 2009

  • What Coverage Would Fit for Used Car Insurance?

    by Ricky Lawrence

    Automobile insurance is something every car owner or driver should have because the law dictates it. Insuring new vehicles would not be a difficult job because normally, owners would want their newly-bought automobiles safe and protected from any unfavorable circumstances. However, for those who can only afford used cars, auto insurance may be a little complicated, thus it needs to be explained. Taking a look at some auto coverage quotes might be a good point to start before choosing the … (more) September 12, 2009

  • Used Car Insurance Options

    by Ricky Lawrence

    There is one thing you have to think about when buying a used car – what car insurance to buy. Without a doubt, used car insurance is greatly different from new car insurance. You have to consider a lot of things including the components of the insurance most applicable for your requirements. Certainly, there will indispensable features and those that you can do without. There is no question about the necessity of coverage. However, you will probably have to be … (more) September 6, 2009

  • Understanding Used Car Insurance

    by Ricky Lawrence

    With the recession biting deeper, car manufacturers in the U.S. are suffering record losses. More and more Americans are choosing to buy second-hand cars to save money. Buying used cars can have its advantages and disadvantages. In the past, car shoppers found haggling with used car dealers too tiring and oftentimes useless. Second-hand cars also lacked basic warranty. On top of this, many used cars suffered from shoddy maintenance and poorly done repairs. Purchasing used cars in the past was … (more) August 4, 2009

  • Vehicles That Get Cheaper Used Car Insurance

    by Jasper Ericks

    Insurance companies will be very hesitant to give insurance to vehicles that are attractive to thieves. A car with an 800-horse twin-turbo V-16 engine is ideal for drag racing and offshore boats. Thieves would love to steal this type of vehicle, even if only for the engine. Insurers have been burned before, paying lots of money for cars like this damaged in high-speed chases. That is, if they were not stolen first. Insurance premiums for these vehicles will certainly … (more) June 26, 2009