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Do You Really Need Used Car Insurance?


One of the reasons you bought a used car is because you are scrimping. Why have it insured if it will only incur additional expenses for you? Actually, car owners are not left with not much of a choice because all cars are required by law to be insured, be it new or secondhand.

Then again, putting the law aside, used car insurance is very important and beneficial. Think about it carefully. You place yourself at a certain amount of risk every time you drive yourself to work. You may be the most calculated and law abiding driver, but that does not shield you from accidents. Road misfortunes can happen to anyone without choosing if your vehicle is brand new or not, or if you are following road policies or not. If it unfortunately happens to you, you have to be financially prepared. Shouldering all repair expenses will prove to be so much more than the price of used car insurance.

If you are still not convinced about the importance of insuring your used car or vehicle, think about it another way. Being the second owner, how can you be sure of the real condition of the car you bought? How can you be so sure that the first owner maintained and took care of it well? There is always the risk of malfunction every time you drive it, and this may lead to mishaps.

It is therefore very important to secure your auto from any unfortunate event that may happen. Consider it an investment, something you can put to good use should the time comes. The coverage depends on the used car insurance plan you get. At the very least, you can get the most basic liability coverage. It will pay for damages incurred if you are not at fault in the incident.

If you have more money to spare, physical coverage is a better option than the liability coverage. This type will take care of the cost of reparation. Your car could also be replaced if damages are beyond repair.

A used car insurance that covers for theft is even better. Do not think that just because you are driving a secondhand vehicle that thieves will not take interest in it anymore. There are many used cars that still look new and are attractive to thieves.  They are likewise not deterred to minor dents or chipped off paint on the body. Times are hard. For as long as they could profit from your car in any way, they will try to steal it.