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Why You Should Get Commercial Truck Insurance


Truck insurance should be the first thing on your mind if you plan in engaging on a commercial trucking business. However, if you already are on this kind of business, get insured. This will not only keep your assets secure, it may just ensure the survival of your business.

We do not usually talk about truck insurance since a more popular concept is automobile insurance. The thing is that this kind of insurance is different from your basic car insurance because of the nature a vehicle is to be used in and the uniqueness of risks involved. Commercial trucking is very risky business, it is undeniable. Risks are distributed since there is an inevitable exposure to natural elements and usual cases of highway robbery. There is always a risk of loss in every transport route, whether this loss would be due to natural causes or by acts of man. For this reason, the amounts involved do not only involve the truck’s value itself, but also the goodwill of a business and possibly, cargo contained.

The nature of this kind of endeavor is that a trucker assumes liability over the goods being transported, or in some cases, safety of the passengers and properties they have in their possession. This is because in the business of transportation or common carriage, a carrier assumes the highest degree of responsibility and diligence. This means that if ever a loss occurs, it is immediately presumed that the carrier was negligent. This proves that there is a need to cover even vehicles used in the business with truck insurance to make sure that even though an owner is subjected to liability, he does not suffer a total loss because he is also indemnified.

Of course, as in all other cases, you should select a reputable insurance coverage provider. As much as possible, do not obtain truck insurance coverage from the internet. Not that there is anything wrong with doing business transactions over the web, but by the contract’s very nature, it is best that an owner transact directly with an insurer in person and not through the internet or through an intermediary or an agent. It would be wise to seek the advice of those who are already engaged in the trucking business for a number of years because they already have a concrete idea as to who among the wide selection of insurers are most reliable and trustworthy. Do not forget, insurers need your money to survive. However, they may just promise you the moon and the stars just to get you to sign.