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Safety Features That Will Lower Truck Insurance Premiums


Commercial truck insurance generally incurs a much higher insurance rate because of many reasons. For one, trucks are way bigger than ordinary sedan cars usually seen on the road. A truck colliding with an ordinary car poses greater danger as against two ordinary cars colliding. A truck colliding with another big vehicle like a bus or another truck could be fatal to the passengers. As such, the risk of road accidents is higher.

The cargos that commercial trucks carry also pose additional danger. These are usually industrial products that could be harmful when accidentally spilled or littered in the event of vehicle collision.

Truck insurance premiums are really heavy on the pocket of the owners. However, for everyone’s safety, they are still insuring their trucks. They should know the factors that determine the computation of their premiums so that they could find ways to lower rates even just a little. Insurers check the general safety of trucks. If it is well maintained and in good condition, truck insurance premium can be lowered. They also look at the safety features installed.

First, the lights and reflectors are checked. They should be very visible, with no busted bulbs or cracked covers. No part of the truck or cargo should obstruct lights and reflectors. It should be clean because dirt dims these lights.

Red is the standard color of tail lights. No other color is allowed. Do not put amber tail lights. Check the turn signals. Both should be working perfectly to alert other vehicles if the truck is trying to change lanes or turn a corner.

Trucks are further required to have retroreflective sheeting. It is a material attached to both sides of the vehicle’s body. It sort of glows at night so that passing cars are warned that there is an oncoming truck even if the roads are dim and without lampposts. The sheeting should be at least half the total length of the truck’s body.

Fog lamps will also help lower premium rates of truck insurance. Take note that this is used together with headlights, and not as a substitute for headlights.

Another safety feature is a securely sealed storage compartment for items like a car battery, extra fuel, or corrosive products like paint. There should also be no faulty wirings when a truck is inspected.

Brakes and tires should be in good condition. Brakes should be working on all the wheels. Installing anti-lock brakes are also recommended. Tires should be durable enough to carry the weight of the truck and cargo.

Trucks should pass all these safety feature tests before they are given premium discounts.