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Why Teenagers have High Premiums


It is a fact widely known that car insurance premiums for young drivers is very high compared to older drivers. Parents as well as teenagers are wondering why they are paying much for teenagers’ premiums. The reason behind this is the high risk associated with young drivers as perceived by indemnity companies.

In the United States, it has been reported that one out of three deaths of American teenagers is because of road accidents. Among all road accidents, the number of young drivers being involved is quite higher than older drivers. These are just few of the facts that make the car indemnity of young drivers higher.

Car indemnity companies considered young drivers as high risks since there are greater chances that they will be involved in car accidents. A high risk means greater possibility for them to spend on the indemnity of these young drivers and this is what all indemnity companies are trying to avoid. If they will give teenagers a policy, expect that the price will be higher in contrast to other policy holders.

Another reason that causes the auto insurance premiums of young drivers to be expensive is the lifestyle they are into. They are more likely not to use seatbelts as it was found out that three out of four deaths of young drivers are caused by not wearing seatbelts and drinking while driving. Most teens will not be using seatbelts in their car if they are in the car with other teenagers. And this is a red alert signal for car insurance companies since it is more likely for them to spend for the said driver in case of accident.

But these reasons should not worry parents and teenagers much since there are still indemnity companies who did not raise the premium for young drivers. That is benefit of online quotes since you can compare which among all available quotes did not change their premiums. Some may have changed a bit but it would still be lesser compared to other indemnity companies. You just need to refine your search with cheap insurance quotes for teenagers.

Aside from that, there are also available discounts for good students who have grades not lower than “B”. It is every parent’s wish for their children to do well in school and that is the same wish of insurance companies. They would give rewards to those who are doing great in school because they are more likely to spend more time studying than roaming around with their cars. Good students are given a cut on their insurance premiums.