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Tips On Teen Auto Insurance


Unlike traditional auto insurance, teen auto insurance is considered more costly. The expenses usually revolve around high monthly premiums. The chief reason for this is that most insurance companies see teenage drivers as accident prone.

In some ways, this assumption among most insurance firms is not surprising. After all, there are studies indicating that many teenagers do get involved in some kind of vehicular mishap. These are the very things that insurers do not want to see happening. As a precautionary measure then, they make teen auto insurance policies more expensive.

There are ways, however, to cut down on these costs.  Below are some tips that you can consider when trying to lower the car insurance premium of your teenage son or daughter.

*Ask for discounts. This is by far the easiest method you can try. There is no harm in asking for more affordable terms especially if you sincerely believe that your teenager is a responsible kid. Of course, the final say rests on the insurer. Yet, if you know how to use negotiating skills in your favor, chances are good that a fair deal can be hammered during your discussion.

*Be liberal with your teenage driver. Teenagers will always be a curious and an independent lot. A good way to practice that curious and independent streak is getting their hands on the steering wheel. Do not be surprised then if you find out one day that while you were away, he or she took the family car out for a quick trip around the village. Once he gets his driving permit then, allow your teenager to take out your car for a few miles. This should help him gain self-esteem particularly when driving. This will be a plus factor when applying for teen auto insurance.

*Offer several personal driving tips.  Basic driving skills are usually best learned on the road. However, there are personal experiences that only you as an experienced driver can teach your teenage kid. These experiences include issues about defensive driving, road etiquette, and many others. These are things that can only be effectively shared by someone who has experienced them.

*Get a personal driving instructor. This may cost a bit, but this option can do wonders for your teenager. With a private instructor, your teenage driver can learn little tweaks about cars and how these can be solved. He can also learn to appreciate traffic rules. These are little things that are sometimes not taught in formal driving schools.

With these tips, your teenager should end up being a responsible young driver. Insurers will then see him as well-trained and approve his teen auto insurance application under very favorable premium terms.