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Tips in Getting Cheap Teen Auto Insurance


Teens or relatively new drivers are considered high-risk on the road. They are deemed reckless behind the wheel. Teen auto insurance, therefore, may have higher rates than usual policies. While your kids, younger than 25 years old, are excited to be able to manipulate a vehicle, you become clammy because of worry. You fear for their safety and you are concerned that an insurance policy might burn a hole into your pocket. You can always just pay an additional premium to add your child in your pre-existing policy, to save a bit. However, this only applies when you have a very good claims history and you are not a high-risk driver yourself.

Like most insurance products anyway, there are ways to minimize costs when purchasing teen auto insurance. The key is to shop around and compare the quotes. Remember that these companies are your partners and getting on with one can lead to a long-term relationship. Moreover, your car choices say a lot. Insurers opt to charge higher rates for top-of-the-line cars. You might want to choose getting your child a pre-owned, but complete with safety features car.

It is also best to buy a car and put it under your name because the insurance company will take it that you are responsible and your child is still under your wing. You might also want to sign your kid up for a safe-driver program now being offered by insurers, before getting a teen auto insurance. Your new driver becomes a partner in making sure he or she will keep it safe while on the road.

It must also be noted that being a responsible driver starts at home. Early on, it is best to prepare your teen, teach responsibility and set the rules. This typically should happen before a car purchase. Rules like the following may be imposed, whichever applies:

  • Set and implement a curfew;
  • Discuss the instances when your child is allowed to drive;
  • Avoid distractions while driving, such as loud music and boisterous people in the car;
  • Prohibit the use of mobile phones;
  • Limit or supervise driving rights during weekends when road conditions are considered to be risky;
  • Forbid drinking and using illegal drugs; likewise
  • Do not allow riding in a car whose driver is intoxicated; and
  • Set parameters within which your child can only drive.

Simply stress to your new driver that these rules apply so that a better deal with insurers on teen auto insurance will come your way the first time, and for years to come.