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The Secret to Getting Cheap Teen Auto Insurance


If you put the words “teenager” and “car” together, it may spell trouble! This age group is the group commonly pulled over for road violations or for being involved in vehicular accidents. Despite this, more and more teenagers nowadays are given car privileges; thus, this imposes a crucial role to parents in making sure of their child’s safety and security by getting him/her and the car insured.

Teen car insurance may have one of the most costly insurance policies. This would mean an additional expense for you and your family. Luckily, there are ways that could chop down the rates that you could be paying to get your car insured. Now, the responsibility of trying to get lower prices is not only on the parents, but also equally on the adolescent.

As a teen driver, you must make sure that you have a clean driving record. Having this could show an insurance company that you are worthy to be given a cheaper car insurance rate, unlike other teenagers who are reckless as reflected in their record, and thus, require a more expensive insurance policy. It is also possible to scout for companies that demand a high deductible (the amount you pay to repair or replace a damaged car), because if this is the case, they usually offer lower premiums. With this, you just have to make sure you do not get in an accident to avoid paying the high deductible and enjoy the cheap car insurance you have.

As for the parents, first of all, remind your teen to follow all traffic rules and their license restrictions to avoid paying for violations and having your car damaged. You must also make them understand why it is important to be a responsible driver, not only to cut costs in the insurance, but also to ensure his/her own safety and of other people. Close supervision over your child is necessary during the first few months, so that you can assure yourself that he/she is ready and responsible enough to drive. You may develop terms and conditions with your teenager to set privileges and limitations when driving. Moreover, the welfare of your teen’s car is also important. Having a security system installed for a car will minimize the risk of having it stolen or vandalized. Paying for this device is less of a burden compared to what you could be paying in the future for a broken car or a stolen one, so do not hesitate to invest on it.

In addition, exploring available car insurance companies and comparing rates will definitely help you find the right one for your teen, his/her car, and your budget.