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Teen Auto Insurance – Tips for Parents


Teen auto insurance is notoriously known to cost more than your average car insurance. Studies show that teenagers are prone to get into car accidents. Blame it on their raging hormones, some say. However, research shows that it has something to do with maturity in handling situations. Indeed, a 16 year old newbie will react differently to an event compared to a seasoned 40 year old driver.

However, even if teen auto insurance may burn a hole in your wallet, there are ways you can get premium rates down without having to tap your kid’s allowance.

Ask for discounts. This is the oldest trick in the book. There is no rule that prevents two parties from negotiating about matters relating to price and stipulations, and certainly, insurance contracts are not exempted. Insurance agreements are essentially aleatory contracts of adhesion – that is, contracts that the insured has to agree to with the probability of getting paid for a contingency which may or may not happen.

Teach your kid first-hand knowledge. While your teenager has spent hours on the driving track, take time to talk to him about road etiquette, responsibility, defensive driving and other matters a government-paid driving instructor will not normally talk about. If you have been driving for a while, it always helps to let your child know about courtesy and ethics behind the wheel. If his phone rings, do not let him answer it. Most accidents that happen on the freeway are caused by drivers fiddling with their phones while going at 70mph.

Give your teenager some quality driving time. Teenagers’ hands itch for the steering wheel. This is a fact. Chances are, when you are away on a business trip, your son will be taking the car out for a midnight spin. Hence, when he has his learner’s permit, give him a few miles to drive. This will in turn boost his confidence, making him a more responsible driver and earn him good points when you apply for teen auto insurance.

If you can, have him enroll with a private driving instructor. This way, not only will your teenager learn more about the car, he will also learn to read road signs. He will learn more than the school can teach him. Best of all, he will gain good driving values which will be very useful for him and other drivers.

Teen auto insurance rates can go down easily when the insurer is confident that the client is not a road hazard. If your child is trained well and he can handle himself on the road with confidence and responsibility, getting coverage for him will never be a problem for you anymore.