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Teen Auto Insurance – The How To’s in Reducing Premium


Let’s face it, teen drivers carry a higher risk than older drivers do. This will mean a higher premium for your auto insurance. This may be partly true but there are ways on how to reduce your auto insurance, even if you add your teen driver to your auto insurance policy.

Discounts for good grades in driving school

Insurance companies offer discounts. It is a good thing to ask your insurance agent about discounts. Moreover, giving your teen driver a good driving education can qualify him for a discount. If he/she gets a GPA of 3.0 and above, it shows that your teen driver has a positive personal responsibility.

Older car means a cheaper premium.

If you are just about to buy your teen driver a car, consider buying an old model first. These older cars are cheaper to insure. However, it is highly advised that you buy older cars with safety features such as airbags, anti-lock breaking system and anti-theft alarm. This will surely qualify your teen driver for a discount.

You must be a good parent and teach your children well.

Accompanying your teen driver at times and passing to him your knowledge in driving can indirectly affect your premium. Molding your teen driver to be a responsible and defensive driver can make a difference on how he drives. The more he learns about safe driving the farther that he gets from road troubles.

Remind your teen driver about the hazards of answering the phone while driving. Statistics show that there are many accidents caused by sending text messages or talking over the phone while driving.

Setting up a curfew

Teen drivers are prone to accidents especially when they get home later at night. Statistics show that between 9PM-6PM is the period when most teen accidents happen. Getting involved in accidents and traffic violations can disqualify your teen driver for discounts. Moreover, bad driving record will make insurance companies consider your teen driver as a high-risk driver.

Your fingers can do a lot

Searching for free auto insurance quotes online can save you time and money. A few taps in the keyboard can get auto insurance companies rushing to send you free quotes. Compare the free quotes you get and choose which suits your needs and budget best. To get an even cheaper premium, try to call your local insurance agent and let him match the same quote you got from your search. You’ll never know he might cut a bit more of your premium. This way you’ll save time and money.