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Teen Auto Insurance – Keeping it Low


Every teen wants to drive his own car at some point in their teenage life and will do absolutely anything to convince mom and dad- extra chores on the weekends, good grades etc. Finally, when they DO get one, parents are left with one last worry.  Teen auto insurance, that is.

Apart from a properly secured license, there are several factors that govern the decisions when availing driving plans. The most important among these aspects is the premium price. Since such circumstances involve young adults’ freedom to drive around, companies offer higher prices for adolescent drivers.

This increase in price however, paired with the present recession in the country does not form basis for an irresolvable issue. There are, of course, measures that can help parents and young drivers alike. Following these simple steps on teen auto insurance might just facilitate future deals.


By instilling discipline and responsibility in your new driver, parents can sleep sound at night while worrying less about plan expenses. One very significant factor that is often disregarded by many is a flawless driving record. That means no speeding tickets or violations whatsoever. In connection with records, it is also important that the license restrictions and guidelines are strictly followed. Make sure your teen has also learned some safety driving lessons as well. This will lead to a decrease in risks related to cover plans.  Moreover, going back to good grades, some companies offer lower rates to youths with A’s or B’s.

The Car

The automobile your son or daughter drives or will be handling will also, in a way, determine teen auto insurance prices. Buying a car with a higher grouping (such as one with a bigger engines or a sports car) will mean paying higher prices on insurance. Availing autos with a higher safety rating, on the other hand, lowers premium charges and keeps the new driver safe and sound as well. Furthermore, making your youngster the primary driver of the oldest or least expensive automobile you posses contribute to a smoother and favorable negotiation.

Plan Conditions

One thing that might also assist in keeping costs low is looking for advantageous driving insurance arrangements. For example, getting plans with higher deductibles are coupled with lower premiums. An increased deductible saves you just about 10 to 20 percent on premium expenses.  However, a parent must also be prepared for the additional outlays in case of an accident.

By following these tips (and a bit of trust and luck) parents have a very good chance of keeping expenses low. Teen drivers, in turn, may find themselves with a car, a license, a good teen auto insurance plan and the freedom to drive. Safely, that is.