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Teen Auto Insurance, How to Get it Cheap


A need for teen auto insurance becomes imminent the moment your child asks for the car keys, or worse for his own car. Aside from worrying about safety, costs of an insurance policy become a budget issue too. Rates for teen auto insurance are considerably higher than the rest because young drivers are considered high-risk when driving on the road.  Most tend to drive recklessly because of this newfound freedom that they think comes along with permission to go behind the wheel. When it comes to insurance, parents may choose to have their kids ride with their existing policy, but it is always wise to secure teenagers with their own. This will teach them to become more responsible. This step will also help teens build an identity in the insurance world for years to come.

As already mentioned, teen auto insurance can become really expensive. Parents, however, can help their children in more ways than one to lower costs of this premium. One way is to open communication lines. Studies have shown that teens appreciate it very much when parents become involved. This way, you can discuss with your new driver the importance of safe driving as well as causes of road accidents. When one is educated and informed, he becomes aware of his actions and his surroundings.

A driving contract between parent and child seems like a violating thing to even consider. However, if it can help parents keep a teen safe and budget within means, then the suggestion is to go for it. It can be stipulated that:

  • Traffic rules and regulations must be followed at all times;
  • Driver and passengers must be buckled up at all times;
  • Distractions must be limited – avoid driving with young kids and friends, never talk on mobile phones while behind the wheel, and keep the music down;
  • Drinking and using illegal substances when driving is prohibited;
  • Night driving should be avoided; and
  • Location must always be known to parents.

There are also several online classes a new driver and his parents can check out. Lessons taught usually include: maintaining safe distance, spotting and avoiding intoxicated or impaired drivers, handling freeways, controlling speed especially along residential areas, driving at night & different weather conditions, and coping with distractions and pressure. These things are especially helpful in making a responsible driver out of a teenager.

When a new driver becomes one who can be trusted on the road, parents will most likely pay for cheaper teen auto insurance.