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Practical Tips To Lower Teen Auto Insurance


Statistics show that teenage drivers have a greater chance of getting into a road accident and this fact cause increased premiums in their auto insurance. There is no way to avoid this, but here are a few practical tips you can do lower teen auto insurance.

Never buy a sports utility vehicle or a sports car for your teenager since both have higher insurance premiums than your normal car. SUVs are much heavier and more difficult to control than a normal car making it more prone to do more damage to its surroundings and to other cars. Sports cars on the other hand have a higher top speed which can get teens excited, making it more prone to auto collisions.

Encourage your teenager to get better grades in school. A GPA score of 3.0 or higher can lower car insurance premium by 10 percent. This is because better grades in the school mean that your teenager is most probably a responsible person. By far, this is the biggest help when it comes to lowering the premiums of teen auto insurance.

Make sure your teenager drives safely. It may sound a bit weird, but riding with your teenager to make sure he or she drives safely can help them avoid accidents and this will prevent the insurance cost to increase.

If your teenager has a job, you can ask them to shoulder a small percentage of the insurance premium. They should learn to be responsible if they want to drive.

Some insurance providers sponsor many programs that allow your teenager to lower the premium of their teen auto insurance. Some of these programs will require your new driver to attend special classes that focus on driving and road safety. Not all insurance companies take part in these types of programs, but it is something to inquire to them about.

If you are looking for several options for your teenager’s auto insurance, the wiser thing to do is to look online for several quotes and compare them. Many insurance providers that give quotes online usually offer better deals than offline auto insurance providers. Online insurance companies have to lower their premiums since the competition online is huge.

Auto insurance providers drop a fairly good amount from your teenager’s auto insurance premium once he or she turns 21, not classified as a “high risk” driver anymore. Keep in mind that the biggest thing that can help you lower the premium of teen auto insurance is to make sure he or she drives safely, abides by traffic regulations and maintains a clean driving record.