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Parents – How to Save Money from Teen Auto Insurance


Most teenagers today drive their own cars provided by their parents.  As soon as they are old enough to drive, parents send their kids to driving schools in preparation for their independence.  Of course, if you are going to give your teen a car, then you should also provide them with an auto insurance coverage.

Insurance companies often have specific insurance packages especially for teens.  Since young drivers are considered to be high risk drivers, the interest rates and the fees for teen auto insurance tend to be much higher than the rates and fees for adult auto insurance.  If you would like to save money by getting a lower premium from teen auto insurance, here are some tips for you:

Make sure that your teen completes a driving course from a recognized school.  Instead of teaching your teenager to drive or have someone else teach them, it is best to enrol them in an official driving school in your local community.  Thus, when you apply for teen auto insurance, you can show the certificate from the driving school as proof that he or she is a safe and reliable driver.

Encourage your teens to reach a higher Grade Point Average (GPA) Having a higher GPA can make a big difference in the rates and fees of your teen’s insurance premium.  Those who show an impressive record in their academics are often considered to be more responsible and more “mature” than their peers.

Let them prove themselves as good drivers.  Initially, you may have to stick with a higher premium until your teenager can prove that he or she is indeed a reliable driver.  After a year of maintaining a clean driving record, do not hesitate to ask your auto insurance company for a lower premium that you deserve.

Talk to your kids.  Before purchasing a new car or before letting your kids drive on their own, talk to them about the responsibilities of being a driver.  Make sure that they understand the terms and conditions involved in getting car insurance.

Include your kids in your car insurance coverage.  Instead of applying for teen auto insurance, you may consider including your kids in your own insurance coverage to lower the costs.   Instead of purchasing a new car for your teenagers, register your car in their name or let them borrow your car at least until they have their own means of paying for their own insurance.