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How to Offer Teen Auto Insurance to Teenaged Drivers


Okay, let’s face it. You are an insurance businessman who is having a really difficult time dealing with teenage drivers to whom your boss wants to sell teen auto insurance to. You have tried chasing them, mailing them offers, even to the extent of advertising your services on popular social networking sites. Then again, you are not exactly a suave talker, especially considering the fact that you might just be old enough to be their parent. However, do not lose hope. Here are a few tips to sell teen auto insurance to a younger clientele.

First, do your best to relate to your clients. No, this is not to say that you should dress and talk like them. At most, you might just give them a good laugh. What it means to “relate” to your potential clients is to see the fact that they think they do not need to be insured. It is a fact of life that psychologists recognize. Teenagers feel invulnerable on the road. They think nothing bad can ever happen to them. As an insurer, it is our job to prove them otherwise and sell a policy. If you just do not have what it takes to smooth-talk a teen, get an agent who has extensive experience in dealing with them.

Second, give an offer they cannot refuse. This will come in handy in getting to them despite being unable to relate. When talking about teen auto insurance, you should not dwell solely on the payment aspect of a deal. You can give them a very flexible payment scheme that will be light on their pockets, considering how limited most teenagers’ finances are. If they realize that they do not have to sacrifice some of the simple pleasures of a teen’s life when they get covered, a few might just sign up. Throw in freebies if you need to reel the clients in.

Third, lay down the law on them. Yes, you will have to get down and messy with them if you have to. After all, getting automobile coverage, including teen auto insurance, is a requirement imposed by state and federal laws. As most young people love to drive, they will surely take what you are offering if they realize getting on the road will be impossible without coverage.

An uninsured teenager on the road is a disaster waiting to happen. Make sure to close a deal next time by following these simple tips. Remember, when you can sell insurance to a young driver, you can sell coverage to any other person.