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How to Get Teen Auto Insurance Price Cuts


There is a reason teen auto insurance rates are higher than the regular policies. Teens are normally new drivers and new drivers have little or no experience on the road which makes them highly risky behind the steering wheel. As a parent, your initial concerns would be safety. If only you can stop time and not let your kids get the freedom to drive, you will probably do it. But as responsible parents, your duty is to make sure they are properly covered no matter how expensive it can get. You can always save more money by just adding your child to a pre-existing policy but time will come that you will have to let go and let them be covered by their own policy.

There are ways to get discounts on teen auto insurance, just like most insurance products. It is always good to compare offers first. Maybe you can start dealing with your existing insurance provider because companies are more than glad to provide discounts for loyal customers and families. The insurance company will consider your kid’s car of choice. Higher end cars are generally charged more so settle for a basic pre-owned vehicle that is equipped with safety features like tire locks, anti-theft devices and airbags among others. Insure a car that is under your name and list your child as the main user and driver to signify that you are still responsible for your teenager. Make your child a partner in making sure that he is equally responsible so he deserves a chance for cheaper teen auto insurance.

Good home dynamics make a responsible teenager and ultimately a better driver. It is best to train your teen about discipline early on by setting rules and making sure these rules are followed through. Here are a few suggestions on rules to impose at home:

1.    Set a curfew and sure it is implemented and followed;

2.    Dictate when the child is allowed to handle the wheel;

3.    Allow driving only if there are no distractions – no talking on the phone, toned down music and no boisterous passengers;

4.    If you must, limit driving during weekends because it is considered to be more risky on these days of the week;

5.    Forbid getting intoxicated or even just drinking alcohol and of course no use of illegal drugs;

6.    Set parameters beyond which your drive cannot drive, for instance, he can only drive when at least one parent is supervising.

When you know that you have indeed raised a conscientious individual, then you have nothing to worry because cheaper teen auto insurance will definitely be made available to you.