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Giving a Stroke of Parental Love with Teen Auto Insurance


You know by now that as a parent, there are some moments in your child’s life that you dread. One of those facts includes him or her having to grow up. While it is true that there is no sense in keeping him or her teetered to you, every parent somehow wishes that children will not need to be let go.

However, it is an unarguable fact that children would eventually need to tread life’s path without parents cheering them from behind or looking over their shoulder as they take their step forward.  Making sure that children are well guided and well protected as they face life’s challenges on their own is the only thing that parents could do.

Getting a car, for instance, is a phase that poses a great challenge and a great pleasure for each teenager. However, it causes great worry and dread for the parent.

Every Teen Driver Needs Teen Auto Insurance

No matter how careful your child seems to be about driving, you need to get him or her teen auto insurance policy. In doing so, you will protect not only the car and your teenager, but also hundreds of people on the road who would drive in the same road as your teen.

In getting a teen auto insurance policy, every parent must make an informed choice. One important question to ask is, “What are the factors I have to consider?”

The Car

Sure you want your teen to be the most popular kid who owns that mean red sports car in the school parking lot, but getting an expensive car means getting an expensive premium as well. The best car choice for your teen is a used car that will not put up such a gargantuan premium, since it will not be so attractive to car thieves and would most likely fare better in crash tests.

The Policy

Should you get a separate policy for your teen, or simply get an extension? The answer lies in your own insurance record. If you have a spotless claims record, it is wiser to purchase a policy extension because it would be cheaper. Meanwhile, if your record is unfavorable, it is wiser to get teen auto insurance for your young driver since it would cost you more if he or she would be under your policy.

The Privileges

If your teen has good grades, you could use his or her academic records to avail of the “good student” privilege. Insurance companies believe that teens doing well in school also drive better, and so they offer lower premiums to kids with good scholastic records.