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Getting by, Keeping your Teen Driver’s Insurance in Check


One sure way to keep your teen out of harm’s way is to stop them from ever using the roads.  However, that would be improbable in South Florida. Here, teenagers are expected to drive to different places where they are needed. Of course, once they are on the road, they will need an insurance coverage for protection.

However, when a teen driver is included in an auto insurance policy of one family, the total premium might go skyrocketing up to a factor of three easily, obviously hurting the annual budget.  Of course, auto insurance rates for teens are very high because young people are seen as high risk individuals.

Robert Hunter, an insurance director from the Consumer Federation of America says that teens, especially males, have very bad statistics on the road. Understandably, rates are higher for these people.  Crashes and collisions of motor vehicles are actually the top cause of death among teens in the United States. Actually, the fatality rate surpasses those of people who are aged 25 to 69. Fatality rate of those aged 16 to 19 has quadrupled in rates.

These days, alcohol and drugs are not the sole causes why teens become incompetent on the road. Technology has affected road accidents because of more distractions like teen usage of cellular phones and music players. There are actually measures being initiated to prevent more accidents related to these causes from happening.

The City Council in Parkland has actually imposed a ban on simultaneous texting and driving within the city. All these were made possible through a group of six teens. The same people are actually lobbying for extension of the law throughout the whole state.

Hunter also mentions that it is very important for parents to properly explain the relationship between accidents and cost of premiums. The number of accidents that a teen goes into can drive premiums significantly higher.

In addition, the kind of car a teen drives is also a factor. Insurance agents say teens are better of with a safer car. They recommend keeping teens away from new cars, sports cars, and SUV’s because of the higher danger from rollover.

However, besides the rising cost of insurance, people can do measures to reduce them significantly.

Among the measures that teen drivers can attain is getting an insurance discount from maintaining a good grade – an average of B or higher. Keeping driving records clean for a minimum of three years can also help out. In addition, plenty of driving courses for both parents and teens have been set up in the past few years.