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Getting Affordable Auto Insurance for Teens


Auto insurance provides coverage and protection particularly intended for motor vehicles such as cars, trucks and motorcycles. Getting vehicles insured gives policyholders the right to file claims in the event of a collision or any accident that can result to injuries as well as damages to property. A lot of states in the US ratified laws that mandate vehicle owners to have car insurance. Refusing to comply with auto insurance requirements such as being underinsured or not meeting the State mandated minimum coverage limits can lead to paying heavy fines and even imprisonment. Teen drivers, regardless of their young age, are not exempted from such rules. If a teenager wants to drive a car to school, then he needs auto policy coverage that satisfies the State requirements.

Coverage requirements differ in each state. Some require only minimal levels of protection and there are states that ask for many coverage levels, which can be quite a problem for drivers who are on tight budgets. Especially when these drivers are young, steep premium rates can be a problem.

Teen expenses can be very expensive these days. With school and other things they need to pay for, young drivers need affordable auto insurance for teens. Allocating a monthly budget for teens can be quite a challenge. Paying for car maintenance is not cheap and so is student vehicle insurance. Affordable auto insurance for teens takes some of the burden from young drivers.

Some students wonder – insurance providers are fully aware that teen drivers do not have that many sources of income since they are still in school and yet they charge more expensive rates, as if saying that young drivers have more money and can pay for the insurance costs themselves. The truth is that affordable auto insurance for teens or car insurance in general, has nothing to with age or one’s capacity to pay. Companies determine premium rates based on risk factors including age, driving experience, and driving records. Studies have also shown that the behavior of most teens affect insurance rates. Teens are generally adventurous and have bold attitudes, which explains why many students and teen drivers get involved in car accidents. Even though teenagers represent higher risk levels in the eyes of auto insurance providers, there are still ways to pay less and enjoy affordable auto insurance for teens.

Being responsible on the road, not driving expensive vehicles, choosing the right coverage levels, and shopping around for many companies to choose from will definitely help young drivers save money in paying policy premiums.