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College Students That Stay On Parents Car Insurance


When a student moves away from home to go to college, it is common that they stay with their parents insurance. This is wise, economically speaking. Insurance is expensive, and this does not fare well for the college student who does not have much to spend without a monthly insurance. Before discussing the choice of remaining on his or her parents insurance, it is good to know that maintaining a 3.0 average can lower insurance rates.

Remember, it takes a lot off the minds of students when they remain on parental insurance because it means less stress on their part. They can spend less time in their part time jobs and give more time to cramming for their studies. For parents, this means higher insurance premium, but this would be a lower rate compared to paying their own policy plus another for their children. Moreover, it will be the job of the student to study and keep up their grades. Studying becomes much easier with the focus they have.

Now you know that it costs less to have a student on his or her parents insurance, you should also know that parents can also have options to reduce the costs of their insurance payments. One strategy was also mentioned earlier, and this was through the student maintaining a 3.0 average in school. The other tip to save up on insurance is by taking a driver safety seminar voluntarily. Voluntarily meaning it was not ruled by the court or not a prerequisite for obtaining a legitimate drivers license.

In addition, it is also good to keep a clean slate on your driving records. For a young college student full of life and vitality, it is absolutely tempting to go all out and show off from time to time, but doing any of these dangerous activities in a vehicle can be very pricey. A student might think that he or she can get away with it by paying an inexpensive speeding ticket initially, but a speeding ticket is also a ticket to get negative points on your driving records and this will remain for a long time. Plus, remember that these negative points give you higher insurance premium rates.

For the parents, of course, it is good to know that their children will eventually graduate and will soon obtain their car insurance with all other things they require as grown-ups. They will eventually live their own lives. Although they are still paying for the insurance currently, they can rest assured that their insurance rates are slowly going down while they teach their children responsibility by being a low risk policy holder for insurance providers.