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Car Premiums For Teenagers


A lot of people wonder how car insurance premiums are calculated for teen drivers. Generally, car insurance premiums are calculated similarly for teens and adults. In addition, an insurance company will look into factors affecting teens from being insured. These factors include, if a teen has undergone some driving courses, and grades that he or she maintains at school.

Basically, a single factor that affects cost of premiums is the model of your car. These include other amenities like built-in safety amenities within it. In addition, age and sex of the driver plus the neighbourhood where he or she lives, plays a major factor. When a person applying for insurance is a teen, factors are taken more into consideration. Sometimes if parent own an expensive car or has risky driving skills, it is possible to give the teen a lesser premium cost. If a parent is a good driver and has other requirements, the opposite goes true and will cause an addition of the teen to their policy.

Men are actually more risky in comparison to women. This goes true for teens. You can generally see this when premiums are calculated for teens. Males are more likely to be rebellious and reckless while girls tend to follow rules more. Gender is actually a huge factor when risks are considered in calculating premiums by an insurance company. Policyholders can see that when they check the amount that they have to pay for coverage.

If a teen has participated in a driving course in school, this could mean a smaller bill for premiums.  A voluntary professional safety course in driving could also further reduce premiums especially if the program is outside of the school.

Actually, the grades that a student makes forms part of the premiums calculation for students’ insurance. If the student has a grade average of 3.0 or higher, he or she will have lower insurance rates for the car because of a discount. A good thing to do is to bring the most recent report card when shopping for a car insurance package. Make teenagers aware that it is possible to drive down insurance rates just by having better grades.

Just exactly how are these premiums obtained for divers? They are obtained the same as with adults. However, for teenagers, it is grades that are being checked out and not the occupation. Other factors remain the same for students, like gender, risk possibility, so on. Of course, gender cannot be changed, but teaching teens responsibility is an effective way to drive premiums down.