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Why Are Student Car Insurance Rates So Expensive?


Now you have passed your driving school lessons and driving test to acquire your driver’s license, it is time to take your family car and show your friends that you can legally drive - but not without student car insurance. In most states, it is required for every driver and car to have at least the most basic auto insurance. It gets stricter when it comes to student drivers because they are known to be involved in most car accidents in the country.

Many insurance companies offering their services to older family members can also provide your teen driver’s student car insurance. However, the bad news is that it will cost you a fortune. People under 25 years of age get to pay the most expensive auto insurance premiums, and drivers below 18 years pay the highest rates of all. Why is this?

This is because teen drivers who have just received their licenses are more prone to accidents because they still do not have any actual driving experience yet. Aside from this fact, many teenagers drive while they are distracted. Whether it is talking to some friends in the car, using the cellphone, or showing off to their friends by driving at high speeds, these only make them more susceptible to car accidents. Insurance companies will have no choice, but to increase your rates so they can still make profit when you get into an accident. Normally, student car insurance rates remain relatively high until the driver reaches the age of 25 where accident rates are reduced.

In other cases, your insurer may offer you discounted rates if you have good grades. They believe that when the student demonstrates a great sense of responsibility in studying, she or he can also become a responsible driver when she or he hits the road. However, if you get involved in an accident or acquired a speeding ticket, your discounted rate will be withdrawn from you and you will pay the full price for your insurance until you reach 25. What a terrible loss for just a single offense!

Student car insurance is just the same as normal auto insurance policies when it comes to coverage and deductibles. The only thing that makes the difference is you, the driver. If they think you are a high-risk driver and will get into accidents more often, then prove them wrong. Maintain your good grades until your graduation and be sure to follow all traffic rules, so you can save money to be used for more important things – such as college books.