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Top 5 Steps toward Cheap Student Car Insurance


Many parents worry whenever they think about their young driver’s insurance policy. They would try to save as much as they can just to provide payments for their teen’s student car insurance. If you are one of them, here are some steps that would surely help take those worries away.

1.    Look for discounts – most insurance policies for high risk drivers such as students offer discounts for more responsible policy-holders. Do not hesitate to inquire for discounts which are available to your driver’s policy. A common discount is the “good-grade” discounts. Encourage your student driver to keep his grade high in order for you to save on his student car insurance.

2.    Buy a used car for your teen – new cars always mean high premiums. What more if those new cars are driven by teen drivers? If you want what is best for your teenager, purchase a used car for him. Just be particular with the model and type of car that will best suit your teen’s personality.

3.    Shop for auto policy quotes online – it would be easier for you to find cheaper premiums if you shop online. Aside from shopping for policies, you should also shop for insurance companies who specialize in providing high risk and student car insurance policies. Aside from getting more benefits, you will also gain more information from them regarding your young driver’s situation.

4.    State a higher deductible – because you will be the one paying for most of the policy, you can opt to provide a high deductible. Although your teen’s policy will benefit much from high deductibles, make sure you can still manage paying the amount in case of an accident. If you fail to pay the deductible amount, you might lose the entire coverage.

5.    Let your teen driver take driving courses – because insurers want their policy-holders to be responsible and skilled enough in driving, a defensive driving course would be an advantage for the auto policy. Make sure your young driver enrolls in a recognized driving institution to impress the insurance company.

These are just some ways on how you can reduce your teen’s student car insurance. If you want him to take part in the responsibility, let him pay for some of his premiums by reducing his allowance. This would make him understand the value of auto insurance for a driver. He will also be more aware of his actions because he is accountable for anything that might cause an increase in his car insurance rates.