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Tips on How to Get a Lower Student Car Insurance Premium


Being a student is difficult especially when one thinks about expenses. Allocating a monthly budget can be such a pain in the head. Aside from having troubles thinking about monthly dormitory fees, tuition fees, and other school related projects, owning a car is just as painful to the pocket. Paying for car maintenance is expensive and so is student car insurance. Moreover, some students might be wondering why they are paying higher premium costs than other car owners.

Auto insurance companies use risk factors in determining car insurance rates. Students, like any other younger drivers, are more prone to accidents compared to older drivers. This is not being biased since statistics show that a greater number of road accidents involve students or young drivers. Moreover, behavior can also explain why students and young people get involve in road accidents. Aside from having bold attitudes, driving experience also counts as factor. With all these elements in mind, insurance companies charge student car owners for higher premium.

Although students or young drivers pose a higher risk in the eyes of auto insurance companies, there are still ways to pay less for a student car insurance premium.

Shop around for insurance companies

Before getting a student car insurance, make sure that ample time was taken when shopping for the lowest insurance companies around. This is very basic in getting any type of insurance policy.

Be a more responsible driver

When hearing news about accidents involving teen drivers, it is only right to ask, “Should I follow the footsteps of those reckless drivers?” Try to avoid getting any traffic violations. Traffic violations can highly affect insurance premiums. Try to be more responsible as a driver. This not only saves from harm, but also saves money by lessening payments on premiums.

Do not buy expensive cars

Expensive cars can turn heads, but it can also turn insurance premiums up. With the high cost of replacement parts and resale value, insurance companies will put higher a price on premiums to cover the cost of an expensive car in case a claim is filed.

Choose the right coverage

This is where most car owners fail in making the right decision. Most car owners get blinded by getting a full coverage for their car insurance. Not only is it expensive, but also a waste of money since it is a coverage not really needed. For a student car insurance, a third party liability and theft coverage is enough. It is not necessary to have full coverage especially when a driver is responsible enough.