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Tips for Parents – How to Fit Student Car Insurance in Your Budget


As a parent, you will have to face your kid’s desire to have his own vehicle sooner or later. You experienced it yourself during your younger years – the freedom, the fun and thrill of driving by yourself on the highway. Although it may be a transition in life, you should not let it pass without getting student car insurance.

Getting additional coverage is always a financial burden no one really wants. However, it is a legal obligation to get covered. In other words, you have to get it, whether you like it or not.

A treat for you parents: here are some tips you can use when applying for student car insurance without blowing up the budget.

First, make your son or daughter pay for premiums out of the allowances you give them. Yes, it is true. This is a pretty sneaky strategy on the part of the parents. Then again, it gives a lot of opportunities for your teenager to have more freedom in planning his finances. If you still have to pay for it, give him an allowance raise. What matters here is that the money comes from his pocket. This way, he gets things done by himself.

Second, understand that teenagers love to drive. When they get their own car, expect them to walk less and less each day. A good way to let them pay for their own student car insurance is to have them work for it. Encourage them to get a part-time job for them to earn money for insurance payments. You will be surprised to how many teenagers voluntarily accept this proposal. Hence, with them paying for the policy premiums, you can have all the freedom you need to plan your budget.

Third, strike a deal with your kid. For instance, you will help him pay for his coverage premiums if he gets good grades. One thing noticeable about teenagers is that they are all about negotiations. Sit down and talk about some compromises you can make together. Give them something for an accomplishment. If the agreement concerns their car and obviously, driving privileges, they might just come up with the proposal themselves. Just be sure to hold up your end of the bargain when the time comes.

Fourth, and if all else fails, look for a cheap but reliable coverage provider. Of course, the previous tips are not perfect, and not all teenagers are willing to give up their own money. There are hundreds of student car insurance providers in your home state which you can look up practically anywhere, from the classifieds to the internet.