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The Basics of Student Car Insurance


If you are a college student, driving your own car to the university gives you that new found freedom like you have never felt before. But freedom is not without responsibility because, as the driver, you must make sure that you are properly covered, insurance wise. You must get student car insurance at the least. The tricky part is to find an insurer that will sufficiently cover you and your vehicle for a discounted price. See, most providers would consider young students like you to be highly risky behind the wheel because of the limited driving mileage. Also, there are statistics that show that young drivers tend to be reckless on the road and are more prone to accidents. Insurance companies are allergic to accidents because that equates to paying off settlements in the end. Thus, student car insurance rates are higher.

This fact should not discourage you from getting yourself covered. In reality, you can also save on student car insurance premiums, first by shopping around for quotes. Every provider is different, so it could help if you can compare the rates. Ask from your family’s agent or request for quotes online. By doing so, you are able to compare the rates & inclusions, and you will find one that will suit your needs and budget. Lower your rates by proving you are a responsible adult. You can do this by following traffic rules and keeping your grades high. Also, buy a lower-end car that is not susceptible to theft. Installing the right safety features like seat belts, alarm and locking system, and airbags may lower the rate, too.

You can also save on premiums by piggy riding on your parents’ existing auto policy. You can just have your car listed under their name and you as an authorized driver. By doing so, you are covered up to the limits yet you will just pay about half as much when you apply on your own. However, building your credit history will not be as easy when you do this. It is important that you are able to build credit on your own, so you might want to re-think before you piggy ride. Instead of doing this easier way out solution, consider minimizing your mileage. You can do this by leaving your car at home as much as you can, especially when your school is easily reachable by public transportation.

Your best weapon is information; gather enough and you are good to go. The internet boasts of information that can guide you in buying your student car insurance policy.