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Student Car Insurance: What You Need to Know


Except for those who are over-staying, “students” actually refer to young people, the kind of people insurance companies considers as high risk. Thus, are assessed and given costly car premiums. Even then, you can still reduce your student car insurance premiums by doing a few useful things.

Be a good student. Insurance companies regard good students as responsible people. Providers want clients who are responsible, those who are inclined to drive carefully and avoid traffic tickets. You get as much as 10% discount on your insurance premiums by being a consistent B student.

Be a good driver. Being a good driver means maintaining a good driving record. No accidents, no traffic tickets, no driving under the influence. You may have years of driving experience, but insurers prefer it when you can show a clean driving record. It will do a lot to lower your student car insurance premiums.

Search for the best insurance quotes. Rates of companies differ. Some will be lower and some will be higher. This is because the weights they put on different rate factors like age, gender, car and location of car, drivers record, and credit history will not be the same.  It is important to get a cheap insurance policy without sacrificing your needs by searching in the right places.

Get multiple quotes and compare. For this task, there is no better place than the internet. Search for quotes until you drop. Major search engines Google and Yahoo carry thousands of insurance companies offering student car insurance coverage.  What is good is that you do not have to visit a lot of insurer’s websites. A few will do.  Some websites have tools which you can use to get multiple quotes, their own and quotes of other companies. Simply fill out and submit a form, it takes only a few minutes for results to appear. Once you have enough quotes put them side by side and compare. Analyze which quote gives the most benefits, is the cheapest, and provides excellent coverage.

Ask for help. When falling short, there is no shame in asking for help.  Parents will be the best source of help. Ask them to include your student car insurance in their insurance policies since they will get hefty discounts. Promise them you will pay part of the insurance cost. If this does not work, you can get insurance from their insurance company. Insurance companies will not shy away from giving discounts since most value clients who will bring in the whole family.