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Student Car Insurance – Is There A Way To Get Cheaper Premiums?


Students always have lots of things to spend their money on so expensive student car insurance would be a big problem. Because this is the current trend in the insurance industry, most parents and teens just pay their bills and wait until they have finally grown older to get lower rates. However, there are still ways and solutions to land on lower rates and some of them are discussed here.

To reduce rates significantly, you can opt to buy a smaller and simpler car rather than the sports car your teen wants. Aside from getting much lower prices in student car insurance, they will also be safer on the road. Searching for the best insurance offers can be done through the Internet. You can contact brokers and get online quotes to choose the most affordable deals.

Before visiting online auto coverage companies, be sure that you have already made up your mind on what type of coverage to purchase. Most of the time, shoppers are too overwhelmed by the number of quotes they have that they tend to choose the second or third-best offer. If you want to save money, decide how comprehensive your coverage will be. More coverage obviously means more expenses, but it certainly pays off in case you have to file a claim.

Another way to get cheaper student car insurance is to install security devices in your vehicle. Add-ons such as wheel and steering locks, anti-brakes, air bags and reinforced seat belts would reduce the risks of the driver and passengers gaining too many injuries in case of an accident. Insurers also recognize these kinds of efforts and offer discounts as a response. The car storage should also be secured so that you would not file a claim because your vehicle was stolen in the garage.

You may also encourage your teen driver to enroll in an advanced defensive driving course to improve his driving skills and discipline. Although these courses are offered separately, most of them are recognized by insurance companies. You may search for these courses online and identify whether your insurer recognizes them.

Though it has been talked about many times, students with good grades also receive significantly high discounts. As much as 20% of the entire student car insurance price can be slashed off depending on the student’s grade. Hence, try to motivate your student driver to study harder for you to save more.

These are some of the solutions toward a cheaper insurance for your teen driver. Just follow these suggestions and you will surely save a lot of money from this auto policy.