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Smart Ways To Lower Student Car Insurance Rates


Purchasing an automobile insurance policy can be a hassle for most college students. Even though college students already pay a lot for their education, a student car insurance policy costs them more than the average policy. That is an inevitable fact. A student driver pays up to thousands of dollars for an auto insurance policy, depending on how old the student’s car is, the type and model, the student’s driving history, and the student’s location.

A student driver with a flashy sports car or SUV can expect to pay more for his or her insurance premiums. Male students below 25 years of age pay the most, since insurance statistics show that young male drivers drive their cars more often and have an increased risk of being in auto collisions. They also have a greater chance of speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol. This regulation is unfair to both male and female student drivers who maintain a good driving record, since they must pay as much for their student car insurance, same as the driver who has a risky driving behavior.

Most college students wonder what they can do to lower their student car insurance premiums. Luckily, there are some effective methods to lower insurance premiums or get discounts. Discounts are offered by auto insurance companies to students that can prove that they are responsible drivers.

If you are a student driver, here is what you can do to lower your car insurance rates:

1. You can qualify for a discount if you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, since having better grades mean you are most likely a responsible person.

2. Complete a driving course. A driving course certificate proves that you have a background in driving and this lowers your rates.

3. Maintain a low mileage. Owning a car does not mean you need to use it every day. The less you use your car, the lesser chance you have of getting into an accident.  Keep your mileage below 10,000 miles each year and take your car out only if it is necessary.

4. Choose the right car. It is highly recommended to drive a more inexpensive car. If you own a sports or luxury car, the cost of repair or replacement will be very high. Hence, your insurance premiums will be higher.

5. The most important step that you can do to lower your auto insurance is to drive safely. Always be conscious when driving and maintain a clean driving record.

These are just simple, but effective steps a college student can do to lower their student car insurance rates and be able to obtain adequate coverage.